Sigh, Belegarth

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Sigh, Belegarth

Post by Tristan » Fri May 09, 2008 9:20 pm

so yeah, I dunno if you guys have any clue about it, but its really fun
and dumb
and people think you are weird and you worship the devil
it involves garb, foam padded swords(that still can be painful) shields armor sometimes, bows arrows and rocks.
thats like a documentary sort of thing
if we ever get our dumb videos up i'll show you. is where you can buy equipment, we have started making our own swords

its really fun, if you dont mind feel awkward like in the middle of a park or something

There's all kinds of rules, and its mostly an honor sport and people have to take their hits and not be dumb and keep fighting.
and such.

but yeah, thought i would share my geekiness or something

a short video of how hectic it can get ... re=related

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