cool dream i had last night

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cool dream i had last night

Post by {EOTS}HHRoadKK » Sun Apr 13, 2008 10:02 pm

so last night i had this dream that I thought was awesome and inspired me for the first gun i ever get (when i turn 21).


So in the dream i was a Narcotics officer with some of the guys from that show DEA and a friend of mine and we had busted some major gang and we have these 3 houses scattered around some town we were in that were our head quaters and the gang some how found out what the houses were as me my friend and this guy (you barely see him hes the one with the goatee, kinda chubby: were at some place and the gang had struck all our houses and killed the rest of our team and taken the houses for them selves and the regular cops didnt seem to do anything (dunno why) and so there was some feild that was fenced off and had a bunch of cars in it, i mean this was like a legit field with all grass no cement" and so we went in to steal a car because ours was taken by the gang so we had to fake playong pass with a footbal then a cop came to investigate and we told him what had happened so he pointed us over to this pawnshop guy nextdoor to this field and so we went in and need guns and what not so we're talking to this guy and we orignally planned to go back and steal from him but we didn't, anyways we told him what had happened and he was a racist guy who said something like "There better not be any niggers coming around here" (Thank you Pulp Ficition since i watched that earlier that day) and so i bought a gun with came in one of those packages like a Cap gun and it was an all black Magnum like this Tarus: with a sick scope with red glass also black. So once we were all good we went to one of the houses which was almost a mix of my house and some other house ive never seen before and we snuck in and managed to kill all the people inside and i had to sneak out as more were getting in through a back window and crawl against the wall and there were dogs at the neighboors house looking at me so i was nervous i was gonna get caught and then i ran accross the street and woke up :/

all in all it was a pretty badass dream.

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